It's rare that when I use a brand on a job that everyone that I use it on comments on it. From ‘Oh that smells amazing’ to ‘My skin feels feels great’ these are the comments that I hear every time I use an Emma Hardie product.

Emma is one of the most sought out facialists in London, I’ve been lucky enough to have a facial with her and it was AMAZING read about it here.

So when Emma brought out her first product in the Amazing Face range, Moringa Balm, in 2009 it instantly became a cult product. As part of the Amazing Face brand Emma has devised a facial technique that you can do at home to keep your skin looking great. I really love the whole range and am often seen in Arnotts or SpaceNK stocking up. Late last year I met with Emma and she gave me an unmarked bottle of her new oil that was not launching until this year, and it quickly became a product I use every time I do makeup. What I love about it is that a) It really works! Leaving skin with a stunning glow b) It smells amazing c) it soaks into the skin beautifully, I’ve been mixing it with foundation to create a lighter textured finish but also creating a stunning healthy glowing looking skin.

The Amazing Face Brilliance Face Oil is packed full of fifteen carefully chosen organic essential and botanical plant oils. Each one was chosen for their powerful anti-ageing properties and their ability to strengthen skin.

It’s available in SpaceNK on Grafton Street, Arnotts on Dublin’s Henry Street or www.emmahardie.com. it’s a buy you won’t be disappointed with and its multifunctional.

Leonard Daly

Just wanted to say thank you very much for the gorgeous products that I’m trying, and say it was so nice to meet you all and Emma was absolutely great. I think it’s so exciting the range is coming to Ireland, and I have to say I am blown away by the Cleansing Balm, straight away. It is such a complete pleasure to use, and my skin looks cleaner and brighter even after just a few goes. I am amazed!

Sarah Halliwell, Beauty Editor, Gloss magazine.

I’ve come across a lot of cleansers in my time and could go on about good ones and bad ones, but I’ve never come across one that’s had such instantaneous results. Emma Hardie’s Amazing Face Natural Lift and Sculpt Moringa Cleansing Balm is a cleansing and moisturising balm and can be used on all skin types, it can also be used alone as a rescue balm or left on for ten minutes as a mask. After using this product for about two days, three different people told me how good my skin was looking and a stranger told me "you’re very pretty" and I didn’t even have any make-up on!

Salina Thind, Salinasays.com

Just had my facial and...Wow. Was magical!

Kathrine Bradley, Product Pixie

Emma's Moringa Balm cleanser is the best beauty product I have ever used...and as a beauty journalist for over a decade, I've used a lot! This is amazing indeed! I've been spreading the word everywhere about her products, they're genuinely amazing, and you know I get hundreds to try, but hers stand out

Merle Brown, Freelancer Journalist

I’ve given this product a pretty thorough going-over now, and I can categorically say that I love it. I say product, but it’s ‘products’ plural, because the Amazing Face Cleansing System consists of a cleansing balm, a tub of exfoliating rosehip seeds and a dual action buff and polish cleansing cloth. There’s quite a lot to say about this Cleansing System...

Ruth Crilly, a model recommends

Broken record time. I know I know. I promise I’ll stop going on about this cleanser – one day. Just not now. Here’s what you need to know: the tres sensible people at EH have finally made a 200ml pot of the best cleanser in the world...

Caroline Hirons

Dear Emma

I am the woman you used as a model last night at Space NK in Fenchurch Street. I just wanted to say firstly, what a privilege to have you working on my rather jaded old face and secondly, what an amazing difference your products made to my skin! Not only did I spend the rest of the evening with people telling me how fantastic my skin looked but this morning, for the first time in years, I woke up without puffy eyes! My skin still looked amazing this morning and feels wonderful.

Needless to say I am a complete Emma Hardie convert and I bought your cleanser last night and fully intend to purchase more of your products on pay day.

At last, something that really works!

I have always had such unhealthy looking skin and have been loathe to leave the house without make up but after last night I have the confidence to face the world 'naked’. Thank you so much for choosing me, it was the boost I very much needed.

Kindest regards,

Jane Foulis