The Moringa Cleansing Balm has been a skincare staple of mine since it launched 10 years ago.

I've been championing it for as many years and it's still my go-to cleansing balm for all types of makeup removal. I recommend it to all of my clients and friends as it can be used for so many different things, agrees with all skin types and… just works.

When it comes to makeup removal, it's super effective but gentle, and leaves the skin purified and nourished.

The oils in the Moringa Balm will quickly break down ALL types of makeup ; waterproof, long wear…even face paints will be quick work with this miracle balm so it’s perfect to help you take off that Halloween face.


To get the best results out of the balm, use a 50p dollop of product, warm it in between the fingertips and then massage all over the face, including eyes, across the lips and down the neck.

After a minute or so of working in the product, add a little touch of warm water, to emulsify the balm into a milk-like texture. Dampen the dual-sided cloth with warm water (and squeeze out excess) and then from the centre of the face work outwards in line-like movements to follow the contours and natural muscle fibres in the face.

You can repeat the steps above for those very extra Halloween looks! You may even want to grab a spare cloth to ensure you get every last bit of makeup and grime off your skin.

The cloth has a super soft microfiber side that is what I tend to use most, and it’s particularly good around the delicate eye area. If you have waterproof mascara or eyeliner on, try wrapping the cloth over the fingertip and you can really get into the lash line, nooks and crannies. The muslin side is great for light exfoliating and ‘polishing’ the skin to finish.


I, and many other professional makeup artists will use the Moringa Cleansing balm on our clients before and after makeup application. It’s perfect to use as both a makeup remover AND a massage balm to ensure the skin is super clean, supple and refreshed ready for fresh makeup.

If we have a bit of extra time with a client before makeup, a relaxing 5-minute facial massage always goes down an absolute treat, particularly if it’s a red carpet or special event where someone wants to look and feel their absolute best. The facial massage will lift and plump the skin, plus the smell of the essential oils will automatically make them feel relaxed and rested.

If I want to save space in my kit, I simply de-cant the balm into a smaller pot and into a protective bag, along with a couple of cloths.

Whether you need light makeup removal for your day-to-day or you need help removing face paint and theatrical-style makeup, the Moringa Cleansing Balm will have you covered.


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