For those that love brightening and the skin boosting radiance vitamin c is the answer to your prayers. Helping to reduce hyper pigmentation, strengthen the skin and provide a delightful dose of moisture our vitamin c products are everything you need for your daily routine.

However sometimes it can be difficult to know when and how best to use creams and serums. Here at Emma Hardie we have broken down the routines below so that you can get the most out of your products.

Q: I have a Vitamin C cream and Vitamin C serum when should I use them?
A: There are some pretty big differences between creams and serums which is why we recommend using them at different points in the day…

Creams contain oils, fats and waxes, added to create a creamy emulsion, and therefore tend not to be as potent and powerful as a serum. For that reason we recommend using your Vitamin C cream in the day to continue the benefits of an overnight serum. If you’re wearing makeup in the day a cream can also act as a primer to create a flawless base.

We always recommend using creams and serums for the same range to strengthen their action.

Serums offer a deeper, more intense treatment for your skin so to get the most out of your serum we always recommend using it night when your body and skin are naturally detoxifying. Due to the concentration of their active ingredients they penetrate the skin faster and easier.


As you sleep your skin is not exposed to natural sunlight or pollution and is therefore able to easily process the beautiful ingredients contained in the vitamin C serum and absorb them more effectively.

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